Michaelmas Inspirations

If you are celebrating Michaelmas with children you may enjoy some of these inspirations from our classroom albums. The following ideas are from our classrooms and Earthschooling member classrooms. Michaelmas is celebrated on September 29. Our featured picture this week is of two puppets. One is a dragon and one is a horse. They can be used year-round but we made them on Michaelmas. These are made out of felt and wooden spoons. It was a good beginning felt sewing project because it did not involve any 3-D work so the kids could draw their own pattern easily....
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Three Apple Harvest Activities

Today* for our EarthSchooling Enrichment class we made apple-pickers, told the apple star story and made apple crisp! All the fruit on the lower branches has been snacked away by Sofi and her friends so we had to reach a little farther into the tree Making the apple pickers and using them was everyone’s favorite! We took some wooden dowel rods, some recycled soda containers (I have to admit I got these from the dump because we don’t even drink soda), and some forks (I’ll be wondering where those went tomorrow at dinner time) and some tape and put...
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A Dozen Anti-Anxiety Tips for Parents and Teachers

Are you anxious? Here is a simple test. When you look at the photo of the rocks by the seashore are you thinking about how beautiful and relaxing it looks or are you thinking about how those rocks are probably going to fall down any minute? After 20 years of parenting and 30 years of teaching you would think I would be done with parent/teacher anxiety. But every year, at the beginning of the school year, I struggle with anxiety. And I watch other parents and teachers struggling with the same issues. I have to admit it is a lot...
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Ten Simple Anxiety Cures

Ten Simple Anxiety Cures There are so many wonderful herbal remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, reflexology points, and meditation techniques that can help people with anxiety. There are also many free techniques one can integrate into their daily life, use “on the fly”, that are free and that are available wherever they are. The following is a list of my favorite ten: Eat a salad or a vegetable. Certain foods will cool you down (which decreases anxiety) and some foods will heat you up. Cucumber and tomato salads are so cooling and are one of my favorite ways to...
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Sanguine of the Spring

Sanguine of the Spring By Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D. This article was originally published in the ROTH online magazine. Since their link has been removed many members have asked us to re-print these articles here. We will have these posted until their link is functional again. The sanguine spring awakens, stretches her vining arms, leggy roots and heady blooms and reminds us of the power all living things have to rejuvenate, renew and reinvent. For although she may have been flaming in summer, wilting in autumn and hiding in winter we all know that she will...
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Sir Winter: The Phlegmatic Temperament

“Sir Winter”, The Phlegmatic Temperament By Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D. This was originally published in the ROTH Online Magazine. However, since the link is no longer available online we are re-publishing here until the link becomes available again. Like a down comforter the winter snow covers and protects mother earth in the same way the phlegmatic covers and protects both themselves and those around them. But not everyone experiences the snow in this gentle way. To some the snow is wet, cold, distant, mysterious and something that slows down the exciting pace of their life. However,...
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Are You Guilty?

I know you are interested in healthy eating and natural healing like I am because you are reading this newsletter or Blog. But are you guilty? I am. Even though I eat organic, natural, whole foods, I sometimes eat the wrong ones for my body type or I eat too much. It’s not easy to say “no” to an organic chocolate cake with fresh raspberries and cream! Or how about a few pieces of the freshly baked parmesan-pepper bread from the local co-op bakery baked on stone ovens? And it just isn’t the same without some fresh organic butter…...
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Tears in the Classroom & A Poem

Sometimes we plan the best lesson and get so excited anticipating the results in our class…and then it does not go as planned. This is what happened one day when we were shaping bread and my daughter burst into tears. It was unexpected and disappointing for me. What had I done wrong? Or did another student do something to her? What had gone wrong in my class? So what does one do with tears? Or when the lesson does not go as planned? Sofi wrote this for the Earthschooling Kids Connect forum (where Earthschooling kids can share their...
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I Won’t Travel Without This

Travel can bring surprises. We always hope those are good surprises but sometimes they come in the form of small accidents, stomach aches, fevers, new allergies, jet lag, sleeplessness, anxiety, motion sickness, headaches, food poisoning or otherwise. I know because in my travels around the states and the world I have experienced them all! That is why I won’t leave home without my favorite portable travel remedy. And the best part? It is all natural and fits in my pocket! As a Naturopath I wish I could bring ten different flowers, leaves and roots with me, some tinctures...
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Have a Health Question?

I do too! I have a lot of them and have had a lot since I was a child. Like… Why does my ear hurt so much? Why is my nose running all the time? Why does my child have a fever? Is his arm broken? Why is my client gaining weight? Why is my client tired all the time? Iridology has been a faithful friend in answering those questions. But what is that? When I first heard about iridology I thought it was a kind of colon therapy. I had never heard of it before. But that...
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