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Stretching as a Remedy

For me, stretching usually brings up images of “what we did before track practice” or “my least favorite part of gym class”. These images and thoughts about stretching are common to a lot of people. Often when I mention stretching to my clients they say, “you mean like athletes do?” or “Do I have to go to the gym to do that?” What a lot of people don’t realize is that stretching comes in many shapes and forms and that there are appropriate routines for people in every walk of life from the life of an active toddler...
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Easy Holiday Cookies

These are great cookies to bring to any holiday party – starting at Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Eve! We often use this recipe to make different cookies for each day or each few days of Advent by creating different shapes or adding different flavors or toppings. These are so simple – a child could make them – and they are great when you are low on groceries! In fact, that is why we made them last week. We were in a snowstorm and I wanted something sweet and warm to eat but I didn’t have ingredients to...
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My Favorite Cold Remedies

One of the students at The Avicenna Institute posted an article from the New York Times about the dangers of cold medicines for young children and asked if there were any remedies we use for colds. I could not agree more about the dangers – we have been using alternative medicine for colds and flus since my children were born (they are now 8, 10 and 12) and they have never failed us. Here is my response: My favorite herbal remedy is fenugreek tea for a flu with stomach issues. You can buy fenugreek at any Indian or...
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The Wintergarten Spiral Walk

As children place their lanterns on the spiral the spiral is lit Everyone sings When the child arrives at the end of the spiral I light their lantern Planning an event for the community can seem daunting but with a little creativity it can be easy and simple. We hold our Wintergarten Spiral Walk every year and really enjoy it! I wanted to share this with everyone because so many people have asked me about planning this and I know a few of you have felt some apprehension and the prospect of planning a community event. It can be very easy,...
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The Surprising Reason to Use Home Remedies

Why am I tempted? I know how to make almost all the natural healing supplies I purchase. However I still find myself gazing at the rows of colorful bottles and bins at the health food market and from time to time one of those pretty little bottles ends up in my cart. But why do I do this when I know that I can make most of these items at home? I have to admit that purchasing neat little bottles of tinctures, herbal pills and aromatherapy mixtures is so easy and convenient. I can understand why there is such...
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What is an “Open Table”?

Today I took a look back in time. What were we doing on Thanksgiving five years ago? And how have things changed since then? What I discovered surprised me. Looking back I can see how what we did was very healing to our family as well as others and contributed to the way the children have grown and the way they think. Focusing on the topics we did was not only beneficial to us and others, but gave the children tools they can use their entire lives to stay healthy and balanced. We can teach children to heal...
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A Surprising Wrinkle Remedy

If I could give everyone just one health tip I would choose to say, “deal with the issue before it becomes an issue”. So many health problems in our lives start out as little ‘hints’ – perhaps just a stomach ache or a headache now and then. If left unattended these small issues can become bigger ones over time. Once something has settled into the body it is much harder to deal with. It is like the difference between tearing down a camping tent and a house. If you go camping for one night and want to tear down...
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Do You Really Count?

Sometimes we get so involved in homeschooling, teaching or studying “methods” that we can lose track of the simple joy of a task. My son, who loves counting things has taught me that counting is a most joyful task and has benefits for all ages – even adults! My entire life I always thought of it as a game. I’ve always enjoyed math and found it akin to putting together a puzzle. You know a picture will form in the end and the excitement is to find out what that will be. But math as pure joy? Sunii...
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Three Days to Healing

If I was only able to get one message to my clients and students I would want to share with them that healing can be free and it can start in less than 3-days. What I have found in over 20 years of doing healing work is that it is not the process that is difficult, it is us, as people, that make it difficult. If we can focus on changing the basics in our lives we can make changes that are instant and long-lasting. It always amazes me that we don’t make the choice to do this more...
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