Healing Breath

The other day I happened to be in a room with a reiki master when I experienced a tightening of my chest. It was uncomfortable but it was not unexpected. I had just eaten a bagle with lox and cream cheese and raw onion, I had not slept well the night before and I was stressed. A lot of bread does not agree with me and raw onions never do. I should have known better on such a day! So I commented that I was going to excuse myself for a glass of water. Instead I was offered a treatment. Her comment...
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How to Be the Best Parent or Teacher

A scene from a TV show I saw once sticks in my mind. In this scene one man at the hospital apparently characterized as the “extreme melancholic” had a great body because he followed a very strict and disciplined routine. So another gentleman at the hospital (I don’t know his name so I will call him ‘Mr. Phlegmatic’) wishing to look like him asked if he would be able to work out with him. On the first day of their workout together ‘Mr. Phlegmatic’ asked him “So what is your secret?” ‘Mr. Melancholic’ answered, “You have to hate your body. I hate...
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Ten Things to Do with a Rosemary Tree

I was walking out of the grocery store today and I could not resist this adorable little rosemary tree! I have never taken the time to shape my rosemary plants and I thought this was such a wonderful way to display this herb! To keep the shape I will trim branches off to use to keep the original shape. So what does one do with a rosemary tree? Note: I didn’t copy this list from anywhere. These are actually the things I use rosemary for every day! This is one of my favorite herbs! 1. Rosemary is good...
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Essential Kitchen Tools for Kids

Kids naturally love to “help” in the kitchen and I have found that by providing them with the proper tools that they can actually be helpful! These tools are fun for adults, too. They can often make simple meals into something more “fancy” without a lot of extra effort. My kids (and all my Waldorf kids too) have been using these tools since they were three and at this point my son is quite the kitchen helper! Sunii, age 11, jumps at the chance to chop vegetables for me. This is a chore I hate but he jumps...
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Your Herbal “Stemulus” Package

Ok, I admit I didn’t make that up. Our local florist has that on their sign and I thought it was so clever! But it also fits what I wanted to talk about today. During rough economic times (be it now or another time) I often find people struggling to keep up with their natural healing program. But you don’t need to be “on a budget” to watch what you are spending, either. Making wise economic choices is always a good practice – no matter what your status is. Health insurance does not usually pay for the vitamins...
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Out of the Classroom

I love Earthschooling because we spend so much time out of the “traditional classroom”. I adore books and have shelves filled with them. However, what always amazes me is how easily and effortlessly we learn outside of the traditional “textbook and classroom” methods. Today was a perfect example of getting outdoors for education and combining two grades. Sofi is in 4th grade* so we are doing some exploration of our local history and geography (part of the Waldorf Earthschooling Curriculum for 4th grade). Sunii is in 6th grade so we are working through some geology this year. Instead of preparing...
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Are You Naturally Caffeinated?

I always tell people “I am naturally caffeinated”. I have three teenagers, I run a business and a household on my own and I’m always actively doing something. Sometimes at night I can hardly sleep. But I am not alone. One thing I have noticed after years of consulting with hundreds of clients is that one of the main problems we have in today’s society is consumption of too much caffeine. However, I know how hard it is to avoid caffeine! And with the weather getting colder and colder I am certainly reaching for a comforting hot tea more frequently and I’ll...
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Michaelmas Inspirations

If you are celebrating Michaelmas with children you may enjoy some of these inspirations from our classroom albums. The following ideas are from our classrooms and Earthschooling member classrooms. Michaelmas is celebrated on September 29. Our featured picture this week is of two puppets. One is a dragon and one is a horse. They can be used year-round but we made them on Michaelmas. These are made out of felt and wooden spoons. It was a good beginning felt sewing project because it did not involve any 3-D work so the kids could draw their own pattern easily....
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Three Apple Harvest Activities

Today* for our EarthSchooling Enrichment class we made apple-pickers, told the apple star story and made apple crisp! All the fruit on the lower branches has been snacked away by Sofi and her friends so we had to reach a little farther into the tree Making the apple pickers and using them was everyone’s favorite! We took some wooden dowel rods, some recycled soda containers (I have to admit I got these from the dump because we don’t even drink soda), and some forks (I’ll be wondering where those went tomorrow at dinner time) and some tape and put...
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A Dozen Anti-Anxiety Tips for Parents and Teachers

Are you anxious? Here is a simple test. When you look at the photo of the rocks by the seashore are you thinking about how beautiful and relaxing it looks or are you thinking about how those rocks are probably going to fall down any minute? After 20 years of parenting and 30 years of teaching you would think I would be done with parent/teacher anxiety. But every year, at the beginning of the school year, I struggle with anxiety. And I watch other parents and teachers struggling with the same issues. I have to admit it is a lot...
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