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How to Make Math Fun

In Waldorf education math for a first and second grader is a joyous experience. This continues through the lower grades with math being integrated into drawing, form drawing, art, hands-on activities, and handwork. However, as the children get older and the math becomes more challenging it becomes increasingly difficult to present continually exciting math experiences – even when presented with creative lessons like we provide in the Earthschooling curriculum. In addition, even with some of the creative resources provided for the early grades some teachers or parents have a hard time engaging the child or they miss out...
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What Broadway Shows Can Teach You About Life

Preface: Our local Civic Center, The Des Moines Performing Arts Center, brings many shows to Des Moines every year. They not only bring amazing Broadway performances, professional dancers & touring shows to our local stage but they give homeschoolers and public school students wonderful chances to see performing art shows & interact with the cast and crew by a matinee series for less than $1.00 a show. They are able to do this through generous donations from the community.  Since my children were young I’ve always considered our regular trips to see plays, musicals and dance performances an essential part of...
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Nature Walks in The Upper Grades

Nature walks are a much talked about feature of early childhood programs in Waldorf inspired schools. They are also an important part of the educational day for children. However, nature walks can and should continue into the upper grades and even high school. This essay by my student Sunii, illustrates one way in which nature walks can be important to older children. Essay by Sunii  I have been taking nature walks even before I could walk. One of my mother’s favorite stories to tell me is how she was so eager for me to be born that she...
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Eurythmy: A Modern Healing Art of Sacred Dance and Mindful Movement

By Cynthia Hoven Human beings have been dancing since the beginning of time. We have danced to celebrate births and deaths, the changes of the life and the changes of the seasons. We have danced to placate the gods and to pray to them for strength, protection and bounty. Through the ancient practices of sacred dances, humanity understood how to connect to the guidance of the starry worlds and the circling stars and how to harmonize our energy with theirs. By embodying cosmic-earthly harmony, we could find our way through the pathways of life. The ancient sacred arts...
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First Grade and the Seven Year Old

By Waldorf Teacher, Diane Power This article is exclusive to and copyright I sincerely believe that for the child, and for the parents seeking to guide him, it is not half so important to “know” as to “feel.” If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the motions and impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow. – Rachel Carson The first grader is leaving behind the early childhood years and moving forward to the highly anticipated life in the grades. The child, most assuredly with a bright...
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A Waldorf National Day Celebration

The ideas below can be used for any national celebration in any country. We used the Fourth of July in America as our example. In today’s world of amusement parks, sugar-filled treats, electric grills and commercialism where does one go for a, earthy, non-electric, Waldorf 4th of July or any Independence Day celebration for that matter? A family picnic and/or day at the park/lake is always a good option…but beyond that what does one do until the fireworks start after dark? We decided to travel back in time this year and were lucky enough to have someone else do the planning for...
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Parenting the Nine Year Old by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Like this article? See another article by Rahima HERE. Find curriculum for your nine-year-old HERE. Parenting the Nine Year Old By Rahima Baldwin Dancy I wrote this article to describes the developmental changes of the nine-year-old child and how parents and Waldorf education meet this psychological stage. It first appeared in Motheringmagazine.
For further information we also offer a CD of a workshop by Daena Ross on “The Nine-Year Change: Leaving the Garden.” Click here to see more information. Parents of nine year olds often wonder, “What is happening to my child?” Children at this age can become very critical...
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Top Ten Earthschooling Opportunities

1. Our interest-free payment plans are very popular. This week we extended those plans to cover additional items and added a discount as well. You can find special payment plans HERE. 2. Get free mini-lessons, verses, natural healing recipes and more by signing up for our e-mail BLOG delivery service. This is different than our newsletter. You can sign up on the upper left side-bar HERE. 3. Starting a co-op can save you up to 75% on your curriculum. See more information HERE. 4. Take the FREE Waldorf 101 Course HERE. 5. Become an affiliate HERE. 6. Read all about the temperaments for...
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Top Ten Fun Ways to Prepare for Homeschooling Next Year

Whew! We made it through another year! All that preparing, planning, teaching and purchasing of supplies and all those adventures have me worn out! Not to mention the challenges we overcame this year and all the new things we learned. I feel full, satisfied, amazed and slightly worn out and stunned. So…. If you are like me the last thing you want to think about right now is next school year. But there are actually some FUN things you can do this summer to prepare that will help take the stress off next year and leave you with...
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Easy Indoor-Outdoor Portable Fort for Kids

This project can be used for any age or it can be used as part of the third grade “housebuilding” lesson. To create a little portable indoor/outdoor fort… 1. Purchase a few bamboo rods (the kind you get at the gardening center for 1.00 each…they are also at the dollar store). If you are lucky you might have a lot of nice tall straight sticks around you to use instead (free) but we don’t so…THEN you tie them all together at the top as tight as you can with yarn or string or something… 2. Spread them all out, the...
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