It’s important to learn about and connect with our environment. This is exactly what the BEearth Institute’s Earthschooling is all about. Nature education is something we all did naturally as we played outside, learning the consequences of gravity and that walking through thick mud often times means you’re digging for a shoe that’s pulled from your foot. You will find that sitting still means butterflies will land on you and as you wait you discover the clouds paint an ever changing canvas.

I stumbled upon Kristie and The BEarth Institute years ago and purchased a lifetime membership, now the Family Curriculum Package.  It gave us a curriculum that valued and developed the whole child while supporting their natural curiosity.  It offers a strong background in art, music, math’s, language, multiple religions, cultural studies, mythology and allows for fantasy play and plenty of opportunities to develop fine motor and life skills.  The children use natural materials like beeswax, wool (roving and yarn), cloth and even wood as the children learn to play a recorder, finger knit, paint, sew, create and sculpt beeswax and wood into what they see.

The Family Curriculum Package give your family access to all the benefits and curriculum for preschool through 8th grade, and there is a ton of information that can be used into the summer too.  It gives access to all conference videos, all 32 e-books, all teacher supportvideos and tutorials, access to an online vintage book library, and access to all future updates to the e-books, videos, and all curriculum for preschool through G8.  You can also feel comfortable knowing all lessons were created by certified teachers and professionalsthat value the gentle education of the child.  This package also includes access to all the Kids Can Heal classes which means your child can learn about natural healing and take ownership of their health and body.  It’s an amazing way to empower your child when they know they can care for their self.  There is also a private Facebook group and private Yahoo group where you can get answers to your questions 24-hours a day.

The Family Curriculum Package cost changes according to how many materials are being offered at the time of enrollment. The current price of the Family Curriculum Package is $925.00 and while the price has doubled since I purchased it the materials have more than tripled.  The price increases at least twice a year depending on the expansion of our programs but you only pay one time.  I know that having access to a quality curriculum is awesome but never having to pay anything again for homeschooling?  Oh yeah…that’s awesome.

Each month something new is added; extra videos, MP3s, enrichment, stories, holiday guides, lectures, teacher support and much more.  So on top of receiving over $1896.00 (and growing) worth of materials for less than half price you’re getting new materials every year as well!   There are also add-ons you can get like the Naturopathic Healing Course, Unani Tibb Course, Wildlife Education Materials and Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling High School Curriculum.

I adore Kristie because she’s not too busy to answer you.  I’ve asked tons of questions and I’ve always gotten quick, thorough answers.  I’m so stinkin’ lucky to have discovered Earthschooling years ago.  We’ve gotten more than our moneys worth out of it and sometimes I almost feel like I’ve taken advantage of her by getting in on the ground floor.  If you value your child developing a love for learning you’re going to love everything Kristie has to offer.  I don’t use everything as I also use Montessori (which I’m down to only 1 kiddo using Montessori now since she’s 7) but with Earthschooling they really are developing a love of learning and life as well as a quality education.

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