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Notice: This package will increase in price from $450 to $600 on September 1st.

This package is valid for one person/family only. If your entire co-op wants to purchase a package please use the co-op purchase option. If you are unfamiliar with this package we suggest that you purchase a smaller lesson block first as a sample. You will be given credit for your purchase if you decide to upgrade.

New! This program now includes a student portal where your student can go through each block lesson-by-lesson and can track their progress and make comments on each lesson. Students also have a new meeting room and live classes are available each trimester.

This Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling high school curriculum (G9-G12)  is being developed by our dedicated team of teachers and will include extra videos and more in-depth lessons than our preschool-G8 curriculum. The large number of videos we are providing with the curriculum allow the teacher better instruction for the more advanced high school topics as well as the option of allowing their child to be taught a lesson by a certified Waldorf, handwork, history, art or science teacher. At this time 9th grade is complete and 10th grade is 70% complete. We expect to be finished with 10th grade by 2017.  In addition, we are starting to post some lessons for 11th and 12 grade. Eleventh grade will be completed by August 2017 and twelfth grade will be completed by August 2018. By enrolling now in our "development" stage you can receive all the lessons we have available now AND all the high school lessons we will develop in the future for a fraction of the final cost.  The entire high school curriculum package will cost $1250.00 or more starting as early as January 2016. Usually only Lifetime/Family Package members may purchase this as an add-on. However, until we finish the tenth grade materials we are allowing anyone to purchase this package!

Why do we call this a "Curriculum Experience" ? Because when you purchase Earthschooling curriculum you not only receive a full curriculum (without the need to purchase any additional materials) but you also receive:

*Teacher support videos, mP3s and live support worth over $200.00
*Instructional Movement/Eurythmy videos worth over $150.00
*24-Hour member forum
*Bi-monthly Q & A sessions with a Waldorf teacher worth over $180.00 a year
*Access to member photo galleries
*Access to your experience on any device - mobile phone, tablet or computer - from any location
*Member chat forums
*Weekly newsletter with tips, updates and more
*Free updates for life (we add new material every year)
*Cultural & language enrichment lessons including Spanish, German, French, Arabic and more worth over $185.00

See some samples of our high school curriculum below...

(Curriculum includes e-books & e-texts as well as videos)


African Drumming Lesson Sample

Ninth & Tenth Grade Embryology Lesson Sample

Iron Working Lesson Sample

High School Watercolor Lesson Sample

If you are unfamiliar with this package and need additional samples beyond what we have provided above we suggest that you purchase a smaller lesson block to sample the curriculum (you will be given credit for your block purchase if you decide to upgrade) or contact us at: You may also be interested in visiting our Testimonial Page or What is Earthschooling page.  You can view our company purchase and privacy policies HERE.

The current value of this package is $1050.00 if you were to purchase the items individually. You save $600.00 by purchasing the package for only $450.00.

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