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Student News for Saturday, March 29th, 2014

 Be sure to check last month's student news - we still need articles, feedback and information from YOU for our update to the consultations course. You can link to last month's newsletter HERE

We are busy at work here creating a comprehensive page that will take you step-by-step through certifications, approvals from schools, credit transfers, affiliations, memberships and board certifications. However, we need your input, too! There are an endless number of organizations (especially when you consider we are International) we can connect you with and cooperate with. We will start our new "Certifications" page with some basics and add to it every month as we receive your feedback. However, we would like some input from you, the student, before we start. Please fill out the following survey and send it to us at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com. Also remember that for us to keep our affiliation with various organizations (which benefit you) we need to keep updated student records. New AND OLD students need to fill out this new student form HERE. If you have not yet done so please do this as soon as possible.

1. Are there any institutions you need to be affiliated with to meet your goals? Are these organizations required by your state? Required by a college you are transferring to or required by the job you are applying for? What is the "need" with this organization?

2. Are there any institutions you want to be affiliated with (not needed but you want to join them)? Why? How do you feel this will benefit your goals as a natural well-being practitioner?

3. What questions do you have about certifications, affiliations, transferring credits, board certifications, state laws or other certification processes?

OTC Drugs

Over the Counter Drugs

Every time I mark exams I am impressed at the work students submit. I will be sharing some of this work via the private student BLOG. The following article is by a student of the Naturopathic Healing Course. I am pending permission to print the author's name.

Over the counter drugs are used and abused by countless American people every day. The fact that these drugs are over the counter and thus do not require a prescription leads to people not taking seriously enough the risks involved with these ...

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