Website Glitch Today

Update and What to Do

I apologize for the inconvenience. We are sort of "tearing our hair out" here today... It seems the company we use for delivery and storage is having a problem since yesterday and they have not solved it yet. Since this is not our company problem and not our server we cannot help them. So we are scurrying around to create a "work around" for our members. Meanwhile we are taking requests by e-mail to send anything you need via e-mail attachment or other methods. Since this service provider we work with is a large company that many large Fortune 500 companies depend on we are assuming this issue will be solved quickly - hopefully by tonight. I imagine quite a few companies are no very happy today around the world! Meanwhile we are working to see if we can find another solution from this end other than manually sending files.

1. If you need a file NOW please text us at: (571) 327-8495 or e-mail is at: and we can send you files with the new links from Dropbox directly.

2. Because we have been dealing with this all day we have not been able to get through all our e-mails so if you sent anything today - thank you for your patience! We hope to be caught up by tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who alerted us of the issue. We apologize for any frustration this has caused.

Blessings & Health,


Tips to Avoid Future Frustrations

* Remember you can always text us for immediate help. We can even send you file links by text. 

* We have set up everything on the site to be easy. If it is not something is wrong. Check the forum or text us to check for "known issues". It's sort of like calling my Internet company when the line is down. They always have an announcement on there if there is a "known issue" so that saves me time trying to figure out what is (not really wrong) with my modem.

* Be sure to check the forum. We made an announcement earlier today about the issue but a few people had not checked so they e-mailed us and were confused.

* Be sure to post for help on the forum. There is always someone on the forum and you will always get the quickest response there. If you e-mail us it may take up to half a day for a response to urgent issues and up to three days for a response to non-urgent e-mails.

* Be sure to use the help pages.

* When possible download files to your own computer or device for quick retrieval. The system we use is only intended as a "delivery system" anyway so to see the files correctly you have to download them anyway.

Working to Make Your Experience Easier

Issue Solved: We are always listening to you to see how we can make your experience easier. Due to some confusion about logging in we are going to have our webmaster put a login button at the top of the website pages. This should happen in the next two weeks.

Potential Issue: We have heard from one person that they are having issues with their password being tagged as "wrong" every time they go to the site so they have to re-set it. Has anyone else experienced that issue?

**Our old website required you renew access, with the new website you can request access without ever paying to renew that access – even if you want to access lessons you purchased ten years ago! If you received an automated message from our old website asking you to renew please delete that message and ignore it. There is also one exception to this rule – if you are one of the ten people who purchased year memberships during the short period of time we offered them please contact us for access options at:  - you still have access to many of your materials!