Avicenna Institute Student News: September 21, 2014


Dear Students,

I hope you all had a wonderful week! It has been great to see all the activity on the student forum. If you have not been reading the posts or participating be sure you register to be part of the forum HERE. We have enjoyed watching students help each other with their own questions and with questions about their clients. Many of our students are health care professionals so when you ask a question on the forum you are getting the best advice!

I had a health adventure myself this week which actually helped me solve an 8-year-old mystery! I had a severe allergic reaction to a few bug bites at the beginning of the week which resulted in 5 days of intense 24-hour-a-day itching which could not initially be cured by anything herbal or medical. However, it taught me a lot of new skills and gave me some valuable new insights and experiences I am sure my clients and students will benefit from. I will be writing about the experience some day soon. I will give you a hint and see if you can figure out what part of the mystery may be - there is a link between serotonin and allergies we often forget about and there is an OTC antihistamine that inhibits serotonin. Think about all the possibilities! I always say look for the obvious first - but the solution to this was less than obvious!

Wishing you all amazing & healthy adventures this week!

Blessings & Health,

Dr. Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D.


Website Updates 

The following items are new items we have added to the website or fixes we have made to tech issues that happened this month.

*Guides for Classes: Every class in the Naturopathic Healing Series now has a guide to go with it. This guide will help you organize the materials, know which order to read them in and let you know what physical books you will be sent (students December 2013 and after only). If you are a student that enrolled before we sent physical texts you will be able to use these guides to see which supplemental texts we are using if you want to purchase them on your own or borrow them from the library. 

*Reflexology: The reflexology course is now back online. A tech issue took the entire course offline for more than a week. We were able to get all of the course back online. In the process we added three amazing new hand and foot reflexology charts and a very useful set of foot assessment charts.

*Iridology: The same tech issue took out the iridology text book. It was restored within 24-hours. If you have not visited this page for a while be sure to check out the new charts and the "how to take iridology photos" tutorial that were new additions this summer!

*Anatomy: You no longer need to use the old system to access the anatomy course. You can now log into the website and access the course from there. Everyone has access to this basic and essential course.  


Coming Soon

The following items are ones we are working on in the offices and studios. If you have any requests, find anything missing on the website or have any questions let us know!

*Herbal Reference Books: We have a set of eight amazing herbal reference books that will be going online soon. We can't wait to share them with you. They will be a cornerstone in your herbal reference library!

*Updated Syllabi: We will be updating and creating a more detailed Syllabus for each class (see the ones we did for the Anatomy and Temperament Course as examples)

*Updated Texts: We continue to update all the texts for the course. We only have four texts left to update! All the texts for the Naturopathic Healing Course will soon be completely updated. We will then move on to updating the Unani Tibb course texts. Thank you for your patience!

*More Physical Texts: Physical texts will soon be available for the following classes: Herbal Healing, Herbal First Aid, Herbs for Women, Reflexology, Iridology, Homeopathy and Ethical and Legal Consultations. 

*Individual Class Tutors: These are becoming available for many of the classes. Vanessa Nixon-Klein is our new Aromatherapy Instructor. Please let us know if you are qualified for one of these jobs. We know that many of you are already medical professionals or professionals in an alternative health care field. Of course we would like to consider our students for these positions before we consider outside applicants so please submit your qualifications for the following positions: Instructor/Tutor for: Anatomy, Herbal Healing, Reflexology, Iridology. Consulting, and Homeopathy.


Need the Latest Welcome Letter?

If you are a student that enrolled before April 2014 you may want to look at the new welcome letter and make sure you are up to date with any changes HERE.


Would You Like to Be a Mentor?

Students would love to be able to contact you! You do not need to be a naturopath or graduate of The Avicenna Institute to be a mentor. Students need mentoring opportunities in many fields. Please contact us if any of the following apply to you and you would like to be on the mentor list:

1. You have been part of this program for more than two years and would like to help guide new students through the process.

2. You are an aromatherapist, reflexologist, herbalist, massage therapist, or other natural health care professional.

3. You write a natural health focused BLOG, you write natural health focused articles for magazines or you sell natural health products (herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy oils, etc.)

4. You run a clinic or are a member of a clinic that would be open to having an assistant help (even with tasks like filing records or transcribing).


Need a Textbook?

If you enrolled as a student before December 1, 2013 physical text books were not available and did not come with the classes. Now that physical text books are being offered you don't have to miss out. You can still order them by clicking on the textbook picture to the left.

Due to travel textbook orders were delayed from a couple weeks ago. If you ordered a text book in the past two weeks you should be receiving it in about 7-10 days.


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Tips to Avoid "File Frustration"

* Remember you can always text us for immediate help. We can even send you file links by text. 

* We have set up everything on the site to be easy. If it is not something is wrong. Check the forum or text us to check for "known issues". It's sort of like calling my Internet company when the line is down. They always have an announcement on there if there is a "known issue" so that saves me time trying to figure out what is (not really wrong) with my modem.

* Be sure to check the forum. We made an announcement earlier today about the issue but a few people had not checked so they e-mailed us and were confused.

* Be sure to post for help on the forum. There is always someone on the forum and you will always get the quickest response there. If you e-mail us it may take up to half a day for a response to urgent issues and up to three days for a response to non-urgent e-mails.

* Be sure to use the help pages.

* When possible download files to your own computer or device for quick retrieval. The system we use is only intended as a "delivery system" anyway so to see the files correctly you have to download them anyway.


Working to Make Your Experience Easier

The website was "down" for a few hours last week twice. We have had a webmaster working to fix the issues. At the same time he is working to make your experience better, as always! Keep in mind that if the website ever goes down or you experience any urgent issues the best ways to contact us quickly are: Facebook Instant Messenger and/or Text at: (571) 327-8495. If you contact us as soon as you see an issue we can usually solve it in under ten minutes.


**Our old website required you renew access, with the new website you can request access without ever paying to renew that access – even if you want to access lessons you purchased ten years ago! If you received an automated message from our old website asking you to renew please delete that message and ignore it. There is also one exception to this rule – if you are one of the ten people who purchased year memberships during the short period of time we offered them please contact us for access options at: CustomerService@TheBEarthInstitute.com  - you still have access to many of your materials!