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One day during the early years of motherhood I was doing the dishes and realized how, in that moment, I was so happy enjoying the process of creating a beautiful space and feeling so thankful I had a space to call my own and make beautiful. Then I thought…wouldn’t it be great if I could feel like this every day instead of resenting so many of the household tasks I have to do?

And then I went a step further and thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we could teach our children to feel like this too?”

Then it dawned on me – I was already doing this by using the Waldorf inspired Earthschooling curriculum -  but was not applying it to my home. I was using these tools every day by educating my children in the Waldorf method.  But perhaps I could use the Waldorf methods of modeling and process with our household chores and not just our schoolwork or classroom-area chores...

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