I was listening to a good friend complain about symptoms the other day when finally I couldn’t resist asking her – why haven’t you done anything to make it better?

She seemed surprised. Even after hearing me talk frequently about the alternative therapy methods I use on my own family, it had never occurred to her to seek help for something so…as she put it – inevitable.

So where do we get these ideas that some things are inevitable? If you do a simple Google search for menopause symptoms (which was her complaint) you will come up with 23,800,000 results.  If you do a search for symptoms of aging or puberty you will come up with similar results. This is a reflection of how we view a lot of “normal” life events. Instead of viewing things like puberty, pregnancy, menopause and aging as normal life events we can transition through smoothly we put up with symptoms like acne, growing pains, morning sickness, hot flashes, swelling, loss of memory and a large list of additional problems because – it’s inevitable.

But what if they were not?

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