New Developments at The Avicenna Institute of Alternative Therapies

We have been working hard to improve your experience as a student and have added the following features this year:

* MP3s of lectures are now complete for the Nutritional Healing Course and Homeopathy Course and are being developed for the Aromatherapy Course now (some are already online).

* We have expanded the Temperament and Typology Course to include many more materials.

* More videos, readings and lectures have been added to all of the courses.

* Courses are reformatted and easier to read. 

* Some course books are now available as physical books you can purchase instead of downloading and reading on a mobile device or computer.

* A fantastic student forum on Facebook where you can interact with other students, professionals and staff 24-hours a day!

* New iridology charts including layover charts (ones you can put over photos of the iris) have been added to the iridology course.

Upcoming Developments

We are not done making your experience the best it can be and we are always interested in hearing about your experience and taking your requests and suggestions.

* We are adding Indexes to all the courses (still in progress but you can see a sample in the Nutritional Healing Course folder.

* We are creating an "Official Syllabus" for all the courses. You can see an example in the Temperaments and Typology Course, which has a working "Official Syllabus" now. The "Official Syllabus" is different from the "Student Syllabus" guide you use to navigate your courses. The purpose of this "Official Syllabus" is to provide students with a document they can give to other schools or organizations who request details of their studies.

* More videos and live classes!

* More instructors, teacher's assistants and weekly chats with our staff and teachers.

You will need to be registered on the new website to enjoy all these updates. Register HERE.

If you missed the first student newsletter, sent out last week, you can read it below...

New Student Newsletter!

As a student at The Avicenna Institute it is essential that you are able to receive communication from us at the main office. We have provided two student forums for you to interact with other students and staff members, get help and keep up with the latest news, changes and updates, However we have found that sometimes important updates get lost in the very active forum shuffle!

For this reason we will be sending out this newsletter once a week (or once every two weeks) to students DIRECTLY. Please do not remove yourself from this mailing list or ignore these newsletters. These newsletters will be used to communicate important messages. Please confirm that you are receiving this first newsletter by sending a message to: If you have any feedback or comments or ideas about content for this newsletter please let us know in your reply.

Blessings & Health,

Dr. Kristie Karima Burns, Mh, ND, Ph.D.

Dean of Students, The Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing

New Course INDEXES!

New indexes are being developed for each course and should be done by next week! We are very excited about these new indexes. They will help you:

1. Know what files you have available to you so you can make sure you downloaded everything you need.

2. Let you know which order you should read, listen or watch the material in.

3. Provide you with guidance in getting started with your course.

4. Give you a direct link to your exams so you don't need to copy them out of the main course book.

You can see a sample of what these indexes will look like HERE.

Please send feedback if you would like to see something else that would help you in these indexes.

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