1. Thank you for all the wonderful information

    Ms. Eason-Farr Reply
  2. Thank you/excited!

    L.A. Loehr Reply
  3. Hi, are your packages all virtual or do you actually send books?

    Yozibel Reply
    • Thank you for your question. All of our packages include e-books, videos, and mp3s as well as a username and password for the website. You are able to view your items in a computer or any mobile device. You may also download or print any of your purchasss without restriction.

      thebearthinstitute Reply
  4. I still appreciate the BeEatth institute but would rather access the website as needed rather than receive email updates in my inbox.

    Fiona Morehouse Reply
    • Dear Fiona, Thank you for letting us know. If you ever need any extras, free lessons or products you can subscribe again any time. On Wednesdays and Fridays we send out free items to all of our subscribers. The Wednesday items can always be found by doing a blog search but the Friday items are not available on the website and are only available for two weeks after the newsletter goes out. These items are from us as well as our teachers.

      thebearthinstitute Reply
  5. Emails were too frequent. Thanks

    Anthea Swan Reply
    • Dear Anthea, Thank you for letting us know 🙂 We send out one company e-mail on Mondays and free lessons and offerings every Wednesday and Friday. If you decide in the future to subscribe again you are welcome to 🙂 You can always just open the free lessons you need and ignore/delete the rest of them. At this time we do not have an alternate mailing list as the free offerings on Wednesdays and Fridays are based on the acceptance of the Monday newsletter as well. You can always delete the Monday newsletter and you would still get the Wednesday and Friday freebies 😉

      thebearthinstitute Reply
  6. I unsubscribed because I haven’t used Earthschooling in a while. We are on a tight budget and it’s disheartening to see the prices rise. I have wanted to use your blocks, and have, but feel I am missing out of the program as a whole by doing so. It’s also hard to incorporate the blocks into the affordable options we do use.

    Kimberly Reply
    • Hi Kimberly! Thank you for letting us know. Did you know about our discount options and scholarships? You can read about all our discounts and other ways to save money on curriculum here: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/wp-admin/post.php?post=14865&action=edit . Raising prices has been unavoidable (you can read about the whys on that page if you are interested) but we have done our best to make sure nobody is denied curriculum because of pricing.

      thebearthinstitute Reply
  7. Take me off your list

    Cheryl Sharkey Reply
    • This blog list was created by subscribers opting in to receive alters. You can manage alerts in your WordPress settings page. We do not manage the blog list from our end.

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