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The Stargate: A Photography Story

    Want to hear more photography stories and learn how to take great photos? Join our photography class HERE – it runs all year. The class includes a personal evaluation of all of your assignments and a student forum where you can see work and news from other students....
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Transforming Free Public Worksheets into Waldorf Inspired Lessons

How to Plan an Earthschooling Educational Excursion: Part Two All photos copyright Kristie Burns On our recent educational excursion (see part one here) we visited many wildlife preserves. One of the preserves, the Lee County Manatee Park, had a great website with a lot of “downloadable” educational documents. These documents...
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How to Plan an Earthschooling Educational Excursion

Part One: Choosing a Location All Photos Copyright Kristie Burns When we first started Earthschooling we chose the name “Earthschooling” because we wanted to emphasize that education does not just happen at home. In fact, one of our favorite ways to learn has always been to be outdoors or to...
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