Avicenna Institute Student FAQs

Question: Hi Kristie! I was hoping you could clarify one of the herbology assignments for me. It’s the 3rd assignment in the course, that asks us to look through the materia medica and find herbs that have the same personality as a condition for 3 separate conditions. My confusion is about whether we are finding an herb with the personality to counteract said condition, or simply an herb with similar qualities as the condition?

Answer: Great question! You are looking for an herb with a personality that will counteract the condition. So, for example if it is a fever with muscle soreness and a rash you might choose an herb that is cooling, helps relieve pain and also has properties that help clear up skin conditions.

Question: What about citations? How detailed do they need to be?

Answer: For citations we only require that:

1. They are consistent within the method you have chosen.
2. You can use any method. We suggest two different ones on the student lounge page on the website but there are many methods.
3. You do not need to re-do the assignment unless the teacher requests that it be redone.
4. The most important thing is that citations are used. The method you use is secondary. When you move into “real world” with your writing each publication will have a different standard for you to submit writings with.

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