BEarth Academy 10th Grade Science

Still need your science academy login? We have already sent your name and e-mail to the academy so all you need to do to get your login is:

STEP ONE: Register at (click the Sign Up button).

STEP TWO: Have the students write to to ask for manual enrollment.

They need to know that you are with BEarth,  the username they created upon registering, and what course they are to be enrolled into. Your 10th grade student is enrolled in: Conceptual Integrated Science (Year 2)

STEP THREE: Purchase your science book:

Where to Purchase Science Academy Books

Through the silicon path, the student uses the same book over the first two years. This book is: Conceptual Integrated Science, 3e

A life time subscription ($64.99) to the eTextbook can be found HERE.

The eTextbook saves money and it saves trees. You might make this the default resource. But there will certainly be families who prefer the printed copy. But they should know that they can print chapters from the eTextbook as they wish on their home printer. The price of the traditional printed copy varies. Here’s a link to the publisher’s website where they sell a new printed copy with free shipping for $165.32 HERE.

Here’s a link to Amazon where they sell used copies starting at about $130 HERE. Though I’ve seen less expensive as well.

JOIN YOUR Tenth Grade Science Classes HERE

(You will need to login to the Science Academy with your Science Academy password)

Once you click on the student portal icon below you WILL NEED TO LOG IN to a different website and use your login information and NOT the same login you are using for this website.


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