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Photojournaling & Phenology Lecture

Photojournaling and Phenology PDF/PowerPoint Photojournaling and Phenology: Part 1 of 3 Photojournaling and Phenology: Part 2 of 3 Photojournaling and Phenology: Part 3 of 3

Citizen Scientist Opportunities

Nature’s Notebook

Insects of Iowa Database

Iowa DNR Citizen Scientist Programs

Wisconsin’s Carnivore Tracking Citizen Scientist Program

Animal Rescue Resources

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Animal Rehabbers in Iowa PDF from Iowa DNR

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365 Day Photojournal Project #1 (This was the first project I did with nature photojournaliing)

Where I Print/Process

Local/Quick Processing – I also use this if I want more control over my work:

Christian Photo – Douglas Ave.

Alexander’s Photo – Valley Junction

I also have had my old slides and black and white negatives converted to digital by them. They are able to do professional quality digital work and not just “memory copies.”

Inexpensive Quality Processing – To save money when doing exhibits or shows and when I can afford to wait a week or two:

Nations Photo Lab – Does an AMAZING job on prints and metal prints. TIP: Wait for the sales. Then the prices are the best. Today, for example, they have all the 11″ x 14″ for only $3.04.

CanvasDiscount – Really amazing canvas prints at a great price, but no backing so if you want to sell them you will need to do the backing yourself or have someone else do it. TIP: Purchase when you get a sale e-mail. They also do these amazing framed prints that come framed and matted and are a really good price here.

CanvasWorld – Another great quality Canvas printer. They do great work and their prices are reasonable, although not as low as Canvas Discount. The reason I do use them from time to time is that they have an option to provide a very nice backing to the canvas that is black and just looks amazing. So this saves me having to do it myself or send out a print that is a notch below professional. I only do this for professional sales. I don’t bother if I am hanging at my own home or an exhibit where they are not selling the prints off the wall.


The best mounting spray glue (use ventilation and a mask) because this allows you to take the print off in the first few minutes and reposition if you make a mistake: Scotch Photo Mount

Mounting Board – This can be used for contests like the Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Contest, The Iowa State Fair Contest, and Des Moines Photo Club Contest. This can also be used for shows. I’ve seen photos on display in galleries mounted like this.  I prefer black but you can also use white.

Brown Paper for Working

My Method

  1. Get out folding table, paper, mounting board, glue, and mask.
  2. Put paper down on foldable table, put mask on.
  3. Spray board vertically evenly, and evenly horizontally.
  4. Put edges of longest side of photo even on the board and slowly lower the rest of the photo down until it covers the board.
  5. Use a cloth and press down the entire photo.
  6. Let dry
  7. This is so easy once you get the hang of it. I never have anyone mount my prints anymore. I can do a few in just ten minutes. I just make sure my stock of mounting board, paper, and glue are always stocked so I am always ready to go. And I only order 11″ x 14″ prints unless needed otherwise (most popular for contests, ISF, selling at markets/shows, and even small or group exhibits)


“What to Do” Guides

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