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Transforming Free Public Worksheets into Waldorf Inspired Lessons

How to Plan an Earthschooling Educational Excursion: Part Two All photos copyright Kristie Burns On our recent educational excursion (see part one here) we visited many wildlife preserves. One of the preserves, the Lee County Manatee Park, had a great website with a lot of “downloadable” educational documents. These documents...
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Top Ten Reasons to Travel with Kids

When I tell the children stories of our travels together I always start with the trips they first took when they were “in my belly”. One of our most memorable trips was taking a photo assignment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was three months pregnant with Sofi and still working as a photographer...
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What is Carschooling?

Everytime we take a trip we come up with more carschooling ideas. Carschooling is a method of learning where you use the experiences around you as you travel and your time in the car itself to learn. We have found that most of our car schooling experiences have been just...
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