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Easy Last Minute Gift for Kids to Make

Native American Medicine Pouch (With Instructions for Filling Too) Note: If you like this idea consider checking out our E-book “Natural Crafts that Kids Can Make”  A friend of mine gave one of these to my daughter when she was little and I was so touched I have been making...
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Michaelmas Inspirations

If you are celebrating Michaelmas with children you may enjoy some of these inspirations from our classroom albums. The following ideas are from our classrooms and Earthschooling member classrooms. Michaelmas is celebrated on September 29. Our featured picture this week is of two puppets. One is a dragon and one...
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Fashion Design with Big Brother

My mom went to run some errands with Mosi (she is my big sister, age 14) yesterday and Sunii and I got bored so I started cutting up some of my old clothes and making new fashions out of them. I am so excited because my mom has boxes of...
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Costume Making with Sofi

I’m making some of my costume for the Rennassaince Faire this Autumn. I work as a fairy all day at the Faire – we are actors in the fairy battle with the pirates and we do many jobs around the Faire for three entire weekends. I work from 9am –...
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