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Make Any Recipe Gluten Free

I started going gluten-free twenty years ago. At that time it was out of a desire to add more variety to my family’s diet rather than a necessity. So I didn’t mind that finding gluten-free ingredients was difficult. I started out experimenting with different flours. One Waldorf teacher I knew...
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Transforming Free Public Worksheets into Waldorf Inspired Lessons

How to Plan an Earthschooling Educational Excursion: Part Two All photos copyright Kristie Burns On our recent educational excursion (see part one here) we visited many wildlife preserves. One of the preserves, the Lee County Manatee Park, had a great website with a lot of “downloadable” educational documents. These documents...
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The Importance of Singing in the Home & Classroom

By Michelle Marinelli Prindle Singing is the single most important musical experience a child can have.  It lays the foundation for all future musicality in life.  In many years of teaching private music lessons and classes, I have seen that all children can learn to make music.  Yet it is...
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How to Make Math Fun

In Waldorf education math for a first and second grader is a joyous experience. This continues through the lower grades with math being integrated into drawing, form drawing, art, hands-on activities, and handwork. However, as the children get older and the math becomes more challenging it becomes increasingly difficult to...
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What Broadway Shows Can Teach You About Life

Preface: Our local Civic Center, The Des Moines Performing Arts Center, brings many shows to Des Moines every year. They not only bring amazing Broadway performances, professional dancers & touring shows to our local stage but they give homeschoolers and public school students wonderful chances to see performing art shows & interact...
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10 Tips on Teaching Different Ages Together

1. Always have an older child teach a younger child something when possible. That way you have two children occupied and one less Main Lesson to teach 🙂 I remember my second grader used to help me with all my classes when she was little. She was like a mini...
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Nature Walks in The Upper Grades

Nature walks are a much talked about feature of early childhood programs in Waldorf inspired schools. They are also an important part of the educational day for children. However, nature walks can and should continue into the upper grades and even high school. This essay by my student Sunii, illustrates...
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First Grade and the Seven Year Old

By Waldorf Teacher, Diane Power This article is exclusive to and copyright I sincerely believe that for the child, and for the parents seeking to guide him, it is not half so important to “know” as to “feel.” If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom,...
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