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Can I homeschool my child after they attended public school? What about sending them back afterwards?

With so many current unknowns in the public and private school system we have been receiving multiple questions every week about parents wanting to transition into homeschooling but wondering if that is even possible. The most popular question we have received is, “can I homeschool my child after they have...
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Why I’m So Excited About the Spiritual Syllabus/Golden Beetle Books

As you have already read in this post here, Earthschooling has taken over publishing and distribution rights to the Spiritual Syllabus of Alan Whitehead, also known as Golden Beetle Books. Many of you may already know that within this collection of 54 books is a subset of what has been...
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Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Creating Reverence

Every Wednesday our members get to ask Waldorf teacher Diane Power questions about their homeschooling experience, Waldorf education and more. These Q & A sessions are posted on the member blog every week so you have access to all the past Q & A sessions. Become a member of Earthschooling to...
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“Bread is Life” in Waldorf Education

The preparation and shaping of bread is a central part of the early childhood program in Waldorf education. This tradition is often continued into the upper grades as well. This tradition develops hand-eye coordination as well as community connections within the classroom. It also teaches students life skills and provides...
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Make Any Recipe Gluten Free

I started going gluten-free twenty years ago. At that time it was out of a desire to add more variety to my family’s diet rather than a necessity. So I didn’t mind that finding gluten-free ingredients was difficult. I started out experimenting with different flours. One Waldorf teacher I knew...
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