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Why Waldorf-inspired Education Creates Great Scientists

One of the many reasons we decided to base Earthschooling on Waldorf-inspired principles was because of the strong science base Waldorf-inspired education provides. When I share this thought with parents and teachers the first questions they ask is (something like), “How can Waldorf-inspired education create great scientists? And what do...
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Lesson Planning – A Dozen Tips

This month has been all about lesson planning for us. I’ve been spending hours every day putting the finishing touches on the new daily lesson planners for the First and Second Grade Earthschooling Curriculum for this coming year, planning our coming year and listening to everyone talk about lesson preparation and planning....
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Free Waldorf Curriculum

Did you know… *…that you receive over 300 free tutorials, curriculum extras, consulting sessions and more when you purchase the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package? * …that once you purchase a Lifetime Membership you never need to purchase curriculum again? *You can SHARE the Lifetime membership (see “Shared Lifetime Membership” on...
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Earthschooling Has Made Homeschooling Sinfully Simple

I’m already glad I upgraded to the Lifetime Membership. The Kids Can Heal section is WONDERFUL! My oldest daughter, now 23, was educated at home, fully Waldorf-inspired.  I spent many, many hours putting together materials and finding my way through the questions and techniques.  Earthschooling has made homeschooling my 9-year...
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