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Free Waldorf Fifth Grade Math Lesson: Geometry

Illustrations are from Sofi’s Student Main Lesson Book To do this lesson: Supplies Needed Colored Pencils Protractor Ruler Pencil Plain Paper or Main Lesson Book 1. Draw two parallel lines and then one line cutting across them as in the pictures above. Have your child copy you. You can make...
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Book Review: How to Bake Pi: Inspiration for Teachers/Parents

In Waldorf education math for a first and second grader is a joyous experience. This continues through the lower grades with math being integrated into drawing, form drawing, art, hands-on activities, and handwork. However, as the children get older and the math becomes more challenging it becomes increasingly difficult to...
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Why Waldorf-inspired Education Creates Great Scientists

One of the many reasons we decided to base Earthschooling on Waldorf-inspired principles was because of the strong science base Waldorf-inspired education provides. When I share this thought with parents and teachers the first questions they ask is (something like), “How can Waldorf-inspired education create great scientists? And what do...
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A Waldorf Main Lesson Book: Where are the Worksheets and Exams?

Imagine a world with no quizzes, textbooks or worksheets. That sounds like it would be a dream school for most children! This is what it is like in a Waldorf school. In fact, Waldorf education engages the student in the learning process to the extent where worksheets or exams would...
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