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Stages in Waldorf Education

Sofi is ten*. She is in that age where she is exploring her individuality and her place in the world. She still sees the world as a place to create and looks at everything through this point of view. Mosi, my eldest, is 14. She is at the stage where...
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The Four Temperaments in Rhythm of the Home

I wrote these four articles for Rhythm of the Home Magazine. They are nice little vignettes about the temperaments that we wrote that explore in a unique and seasonal manner. Note that the original links to the online magazine are broken and we have not been provided with new links...
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A Meal Planning, Daily Planning, Organizational Chart (Gift for You)

We have updated our “Color and Grain of the Day” chart so it looks pretty for you. If you want to share this please send people to our BLOG here to download it. It is free for anyone who downloads it from us. However, please do not distribute it (re-pinning...
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Hands On Education: Working with Your Hands in the Classroom

As parents and teachers using Waldorf-inspired methods we learn about the importance of making sure there is a balance between the head, heart and hands* in daily education. Steiner teaches that this balance is essential to learning and that when a child is engaged and balanced on all three levels...
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The Rhythm of Learning

“Life in its entirety is like a plant. The plant contains not only what it offers to external life; it also holds a future state within its hidden depths. One who has before him a plant only just in leaf, knows very well that after some time there will be...
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