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Michaelmas Inspirations

If you are celebrating Michaelmas with children you may enjoy some of these inspirations from our classroom albums. The following ideas are from our classrooms and Earthschooling member classrooms. Michaelmas is celebrated on September 29. Our featured picture this week is of two puppets. One is a dragon and one...
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Why Waldorf-inspired Education Creates Great Scientists

One of the many reasons we decided to base Earthschooling on Waldorf-inspired principles was because of the strong science base Waldorf-inspired education provides. When I share this thought with parents and teachers the first questions they ask is (something like), “How can Waldorf-inspired education create great scientists? And what do...
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Do Non-Waldorf Toys Really Exist?

Important Note: You may copy this e-mail/BLOG post to any list or location you want. However please include the title, my name and website listed below. ALSO include the important note that comes with this article in italics. Can a Non-Waldorf Toy Become Real? Waldorf and the Velveteen Rabbit by...
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