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Costume Making with Sofi

I’m making some of my costume for the Rennassaince Faire this Autumn. I work as a fairy all day at the Faire – we are actors in the fairy battle with the pirates and we do many jobs around the Faire for three entire weekends. I work from 9am –...
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Photographing Fairies with Sofi

Today we went to photograph the fairies. We wanted to take pictures of them by the really nice mushrooms we saw last week but someone took all the mushrooms away so we took pictures of them in different places. I set the fairies up and my mom took the pictures....
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First Farmer’s Market

Sofi is working on the lesson Starting Your Own Business for Kids. This is her experience… Today I had my first actual store. I sold one mermaid and met a lot of people and gave a lot of people my website name. A fiber artist named Wendy came to talk...
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Alpaca Farm with Sofi

Today we went to visit some alpacas at a farm near where we live. They were very cute. They get very hot in the summer and so they have to be hosed down twice every day. My favorite was the chocolate llama. We bought some wool roving from Snowmobile and...
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Making Mermaids with Sofi

I’ve made a lot of movies with mom but today I wanted to make a real DVD because I will be setting up a booth at the farmer’s market and I want to show people how I make the felted mermaids. I made little packages of roving and supplies and...
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