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Book Review: How to Bake Pi: Inspiration for Teachers/Parents

In Waldorf education math for a first and second grader is a joyous experience. This continues through the lower grades with math being integrated into drawing, form drawing, art, hands-on activities, and handwork. However, as the children get older and the math becomes more challenging it becomes increasingly difficult to...
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What Broadway Shows Can Teach You About Life

Preface: Our local Civic Center, The Des Moines Performing Arts Center, brings many shows to Des Moines every year. They not only bring amazing Broadway performances, professional dancers & touring shows to our local stage but they give homeschoolers and public school students wonderful chances to see performing art shows & interact...
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Tears in the Classroom & A Breadmaking Poem

Sometimes we plan the best lesson and get so excited anticipating the results in our class…and then it does not go as planned. This is what happened one day when we were shaping bread and my daughter burst into tears. It was unexpected and disappointing for me. What had I...
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Living My Life in Costume

I have not posted a lot lately because I’ve been so busy. I auditioned for the Nutcracker, the Ballet Dracula and I am a fairy at the Renassaince Festival again this year (my third year). The Renassaince Festival started last weekend so I worked for three days from 10am to...
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Costume Making with Sofi

I’m making some of my costume for the Rennassaince Faire this Autumn. I work as a fairy all day at the Faire – we are actors in the fairy battle with the pirates and we do many jobs around the Faire for three entire weekends. I work from 9am –...
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