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The Journey of Analise

Don’t forget to listen to The Journey of Analise this year with your children. This is an original story created by me and is told in 10-15 minute “chapters” each day for the 24-26 days leading up to Christmas (flexible start time). It was originally part of an Advent story...
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A Waldorf 16th Birthday

Flower Birthday Hats were part of my daughter’s 16th birthday party 😉 (no picking of flowers required) I’ve been planning birthdays with my children since they were five! It is hard to believe that my eldest just turned 16 now yesterday! WOW! I really enjoyed sharing her birthday with her...
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Pumpkin Smoothie for Balance & Nutrition

Pumpkin Smoothies are one of my favorite autumn treats and the best part of them is that they are super healthy as well! They are filled with vitamins, minerals and even protein and calcium. When you drink a pumpkin smoothie you are helping your body balance in so many ways....
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Little Owl Boy Story for October

We love this October story! It is “spooky” but in a unique way and has a lesson to share as well. It also gives insight into Native American culture. LONG ago, out on the wide prairie, there was an Indian camp, and on the edge of the camp was a...
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Spiritual Letter from Santa

Every year many people request that I re-post this or they write to tell me how much it helped their family and how much they enjoyed using it this year or last year. So here is this year’s Spiritual Santa Letter… Letter from Santa By Kristie Burns Note: If...
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Ten Minute Pumpkin Pie

Every year somebody asks me to publish this recipe again. Ever since I discovered it my kids don’t even like the “regular” pumpkin pie anymore! This is SOOOOO easy and tastes like a pumpkin pie with a thin crust – the recipe actually makes its own crust. Hope this helps...
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