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Nature Walks in The Upper Grades

Nature walks are a much talked about feature of early childhood programs in Waldorf inspired schools. They are also an important part of the educational day for children. However, nature walks can and should continue into the upper grades and even high school. This essay by my student Sunii, illustrates...
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Stages in Waldorf Education

Sofi is ten*. She is in that age where she is exploring her individuality and her place in the world. She still sees the world as a place to create and looks at everything through this point of view. Mosi, my eldest, is 14. She is at the stage where...
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Simplifying Homeschooling & Health

The word “simplify” has become a buzzword in society the past few years. There is even a magazine called “Simple Living” that will sell you things (including a magazine) to help you simplify your life! I often write editorials on simplifying things. However, despite all these wonderful reminders it seems...
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Be a Citizen Scientist

There are so many ways to be a citizen scientist in our area. As an adult I love participating as a way to be outdoors, give back to the community, further my education in the sciences, and meet other people who are interested in nature. When my children were younger they...
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Out of the Classroom

I love Earthschooling because we spend so much time out of the “traditional classroom”. I adore books and have shelves filled with them. However, what always amazes me is how easily and effortlessly we learn outside of the traditional “textbook and classroom” methods. Today was a perfect example of getting...
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Spring “Egg” Hunt

As a healer I always try to find that “perfect herb” that fits the needs of my client’s emotions, my clients physical body and my client’s spirit. As a teacher I am always trying to find that “perfect task” or “perfect lesson” that fits the needs of the day, the...
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Why Waldorf-inspired Education Creates Great Scientists

One of the many reasons we decided to base Earthschooling on Waldorf-inspired principles was because of the strong science base Waldorf-inspired education provides. When I share this thought with parents and teachers the first questions they ask is (something like), “How can Waldorf-inspired education create great scientists? And what do...
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Photographing Fairies with Sofi

Today we went to photograph the fairies. We wanted to take pictures of them by the really nice mushrooms we saw last week but someone took all the mushrooms away so we took pictures of them in different places. I set the fairies up and my mom took the pictures....
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