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Ten Simple Anxiety Cures

Ten Simple Anxiety Cures There are so many wonderful herbal remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, reflexology points, and meditation techniques that can help people with anxiety. There are also many free techniques one can integrate into their daily life, use “on the fly”, that are free and that are available wherever...
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Meditation, Inner Work and the Temperaments

Meditation, Inner Work and the Temperaments One thing that Steiner saw as very important for Waldorf parents and educators was to maintain a constant awareness of ourselves through meditation and self-reflection. The beginning of his work, “The Foundation Meditation” expresses his thought the best when he says, Soul of man!...
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Diversity in Homeschooling

Start your week with an Inner Work Meditation. Take some time to reflect on the following short essay/blog post and let it inspire you this week as you parent, teach, study and live! DaVinci was a scientist, a philosopher, a writer, an artist, a mathematician, painter, sculptor, architect, cartographer, geologist,...
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New Relaxation Techniques and Meditations

Not many people would jump at the chance to scoop bear feces for a vacation but that is what I found myself doing last week. I was volunteering in the animal husbandry division that morning at the wildlife center. This job consists of scooping up fox, wolf, cougar and bear...
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Portable Rejuvenation: Increasing Your Energy Levels Naturally

There was a period of my life when I was traveling on a weekly basis and/or moving a few times a year. During this time it was near impossible to find supplies I needed and was familiar with during my trips and bringing everything I ‘needed’ along was not really...
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