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Space Clearing Reminder

We often forget how simple healing can be and how taking care of just the basic things in our life can heal us. Water – air – and our environment can all heal us if we take care to drink enough, breathe deeply enough and clear our space. I send...
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Is it Just Me?

Do you ever wonder, “Is it just me? What am I doing wrong? I am trying so hard!” What if I told you, “No, it is not just you!” In actuality – all that inner work and planning you have been doing is being negated by someone every day! And...
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Are You Normal?

Are You Normal?  Start your week with an Inner Work Meditation. Take some time to reflect on the following short essay/blog post and let it inspire you this week as you parent, teach, study and live! DaVinci was a scientist, a philosopher, a writer, an artist, a mathematician, painter, sculptor,...
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