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Can I homeschool my child after they attended public school?

With so many current unknowns in the public and private school system we have been receiving multiple questions every week about parents wanting to transition into homeschooling but wondering if that is even possible. The most popular question we have received is, “can I homeschool my child after they have...
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Book Review: In the Dark

EMFs, Artificial Light, and Jason Bawden-Smith’s “In The Dark” By Catherine de Long  at Electromagnetic pollution is an issue near and dear to my heart.  Literally.  My own approximately five month experience with a “smart” meter was a nightmare.   I had terrible heart palpitations when I was standing next...
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Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Creating Reverence

Every Wednesday our members get to ask Waldorf teacher Diane Power questions about their homeschooling experience, Waldorf education and more. These Q & A sessions are posted on the member blog every week so you have access to all the past Q & A sessions. Become a member of Earthschooling to...
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A Sensory Meditation Room For Adults & Children

Note: The computerized aspect of this experience is optional. You can use whatever tools you want to create your own sensory meditation room. Mine actually does not look like this anymore. I change it every month or so…and electronics are not always involved. I love experimenting and trying new things!...
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