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Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Creating Reverence

Every Wednesday our members get to ask Waldorf teacher Diane Power questions about their homeschooling experience, Waldorf education and more. These Q & A sessions are posted on the member blog every week so you have access to all the past Q & A sessions. Become a member of Earthschooling to...
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A Sensory Meditation Room For Adults & Children

Note: The computerized aspect of this experience is optional. You can use whatever tools you want to create your own sensory meditation room. Mine actually does not look like this anymore. I change it every month or so…and electronics are not always involved. I love experimenting and trying new things!...
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Focusing on Home Life By Rahima Baldwin Dancy

You, as a parent, are your child’s first teacher, and your home is the where the most living and learning take place. This is true whether your child is home with you full-time or enrolled full- or part-time in child care, preschool, or kindergarten. It is also true regardless of...
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Why Study Eurythmy?

The art of Eurythmy is taught in the Waldorf schools throughout the world. Children everywhere have an opportunity to learn through this medium. The possibilities in and through Eurythmy are countless and manifold; they are developed anew every day in various courses around the world, with teachers, with craftspeople and...
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What is an “Open Table”?

Today I took a look back in time. What were we doing on Thanksgiving five years ago? And how have things changed since then? What I discovered surprised me. Looking back I can see how what we did was very healing to our family as well as others and contributed...
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Creating Warmth in Your Home

A recent study has shown that people who have a warm beverage in their hands rate a stranger’s personality as warmer than those without the warm beverage and are more likely to be agreeable in negotiations. The same effect can be seen with touching soft things and being surrounded by...
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