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Top Ten Fun Ways to Prepare for Homeschooling Next Year

Whew! We made it through another year! All that preparing, planning, teaching and purchasing of supplies and all those adventures have me worn out! Not to mention the challenges we overcame this year and all the new things we learned. I feel full, satisfied, amazed and slightly worn out and...
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How to Make a Maypole

You have all seen the lovely Maypoles made from metal or wood with long flowing ribbons that reach 12 feet tall! Those are lovely but did you know you can also create different kinds Maypoles that work indoors, can be adjusted to the size of your students, and/or easy enough to...
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Spring & Summer Protection-ade

Does the thought of a refreshing day by the lake or at the local swimming pool have you jumping up and down for joy or does it have you running to hide? If you or someone you love suffers from allergies, environmental and/or chemical sensitivities it will be the word “pollen” that...
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The Four Temperaments in Rhythm of the Home

I wrote these four articles for Rhythm of the Home Magazine. They are nice little vignettes about the temperaments that we wrote that explore in a unique and seasonal manner. Note that the original links to the online magazine are broken and we have not been provided with new links...
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