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Michaelmas Inspirations

If you are celebrating Michaelmas with children you may enjoy some of these inspirations from our classroom albums. The following ideas are from our classrooms and Earthschooling member classrooms. Michaelmas is celebrated on September 29. Our featured picture this week is of two puppets. One is a dragon and one...
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Knitted Stories: Lily Gets Lost

Lily the little lavender unicorn was a sweet girl and very curious. She was always asking her mother questions like, “Mama, why is the butterfly painted?” or “Mama, where does the butterfly go?” or “Mama, what is in that grass over there?” or “Mama, who is that over there with...
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Knitted Stories: Firefly and Dragonfly

Original Story Copyright by Kristie Burns Dragonfly has always been one of my favorite mother’s. She is full of fire and energy and always has something new and exciting for her little unicorn children to do. She even named her child firefly because he reminded her of the little fireflies...
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