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Storytelling in the Waldorf Inspired Classroom

Introduction One of my favorite memories from a parent-child class we attended in the Chicago area at a Waldorf School was the first time I saw storytelling come to life with the figures on a table colored with silk scarves. It was magical. The teacher told a fable to the...
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A Jellyfish Story & Lesson

In the true spirit of Earthschooling Sofi and I spontaneously decided to “hit the road” on Sunday and go to Minneapolis to visit the aquarium. We had the most amazing time! We happened to end up there at a very odd time so when they gave the “behind the scenes”...
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An April Story to Share – Ages 3-6

The Apple Blossom Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there stood in a large orchard a beautiful Apple Tree. All through the long winter it had held out bare branches. The March sun had whispered to it that spring had come. But the cold March winds were...
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