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Cautions in Aromatherapy

As many of you know our students range from beginners to professionals. One professional aromatherapist wanted to make sure that safety was emphasized in the aromatherapy lessons. Although we already mention that oils should never be used undiluted and that caution should be taken with pregnant women and children, one...
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Who Discovered…?

This quote is from a student assignment. This student was asked about who discovered a certain medical theory. Her answer was perfect! She says, “A fact is defined as one of three things: something demonstrated to exist, a real occurrence, or something believed to be true. An update is defined...
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Food as an Herb

This is an excerpt from a student exam with my comments in italics… After reading ALL the articles and the article provided on this page please share with me what the most surprising remedy was for you and WHY. Tell me what remedy surprised you and why you may want...
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Essential Oils on a Budget

Dear Students, As you know I like to post excerpts from student exams/assignments that I feel would be helpful or informative to other students. Here are some from the exams/assignments I looked at this week so far… * One student says “I needed Myrrh and Helicrysum but since they were...
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