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The Four Temperaments in Rhythm of the Home

I wrote these four articles for Rhythm of the Home Magazine. They are nice little vignettes about the temperaments that we wrote that explore in a unique and seasonal manner. Note that the original links to the online magazine are broken and we have not been provided with new links...
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What Your Child and Spouse Have in Common

When I wrote the book “The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship” I wanted to focus on creating a handbook for parents working on a better relationship with their child. The two main keys to making this book successful was to make sure I included: 1. Specific guidelines for each temperament...
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Review by Bob & Nancy’s Bookstore

Review of The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship by Bob & Nancy’s Waldorf Book Store “In addition to being a wonderfully useful and helpful guidebook for adults seeking to understand and help the children in their care, Kristie Burns’ book is joyous good reading. She brings to each page a deep...
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The Temperaments in Education

Temperaments in Education By Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND, Ph.D. Copyright 1998 Even Samuel Hahnneman, the father of homeopathy recognized the importance of type and related that it was important to know a persons type to discover the different ways they would exhibit the same disease and the different ways...
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