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Waldorf in the News & Scientific Studies About Waldorf Education

Lesson Blocks in Waldorf Education

When Rudolf Steiner started the first Waldorf school, he established the “main lesson”—a two-hour class during which all academic subjects except for foreign languages would be taught.The subjects taught in the main lesson were studied for block of time lasting from three weeks to three months. There are many activities...
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Rhythm of the Month

Every month we had a rhythm as well as a weekly and daily rhythm. As you look over my lesson plan guides and the vast amount of material I have provided or that you have yourself, you can use a monthly rhythm block to help you focus each week. Some things you...
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Rhythm of the Week

This is one sample of a weekly rhythm. As well as having a different activity assigned to each day, I also had a different theme I would meditate on as a teacher each day. Sometimes I would share this theme with the children and sometimes I would just focus on finding ways...
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Rhythm of the Day

This is one sample of a preschool rhythm. The Daily Rhythm for Preschool/KG This was my schedule for the classes I ran as a teacher. My schedule with my own children varies and yours might too. But this gives you a good idea of the thought I put into the rhythm...
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Specific Themes for Each Grade – Preschool to Grade Eight

Preschool & KG Morning: Circle Time Verses (Finger rhymes and verses are very important for pre-math and pre-language abilities) Shaping Bread/Snack Storytime (Puppet show style, repetitive stories (like The Little Red Hen) and relational stories – stories about what children did yesterday, stories about their birth, stories about children like them or...
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The Importance of Free Play

One of the major changes in education in the past twenty years has been the transformation of the preschool and kindergarten rooms from a child’s joyful creative play area into a mini-first grade rooms full of lessons and worksheets. Some government agencies around the world have even ruled that this...
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Parent-Teacher Modeling

A toddler longs for rhythm, repetition and activities which feel safe. As a parent, you should continue on your daily rhythm or schedule and then slowly add a child, or two, or three within your daily activity. Contact other mothers while your toddler is napping and arrange a play date...
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Waldorf Philosophy

“Your Children are not your children. They are the sonsand daughters of life’s longing for itself. They comethrough you, but not from you, And though they are withyou – yet they belong not to you. You may house theirbodies but not their souls. For their souls dwell in thehouse of...
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A Waldorf Main Lesson Book: Where are the Worksheets and Exams?

Imagine a world with no quizzes, textbooks or worksheets. That sounds like it would be a dream school for most children! This is what it is like in a Waldorf school. In fact, Waldorf education engages the student in the learning process to the extent where worksheets or exams would...
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