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Transforming Free Public Worksheets into Waldorf Inspired Lessons

How to Plan an Earthschooling Educational Excursion: Part Two All photos copyright Kristie Burns On our recent educational excursion (see part one here) we visited many wildlife preserves. One of the preserves, the Lee County Manatee Park, had a great website with a lot of “downloadable” educational documents. These documents...
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Nature Walks in The Upper Grades

Nature walks are a much talked about feature of early childhood programs in Waldorf inspired schools. They are also an important part of the educational day for children. However, nature walks can and should continue into the upper grades and even high school. This essay by my student Sunii, illustrates...
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Winter Snack for Wildlife Guests

While the kids were out sledding yesterday I thought I would prepare them a surprise. I popped popcorn, sliced up some oranges and some apples, put some dried cranberries in a bowl and cut up bread into squares and put out a knife with a big jar of peanut butter....
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Kristie Burns Teaches Wildlife Education

A class I taught about skunks at a local library was featured in the Des Moines Register. You can see some photos HERE. The caption reads: Lisa Fernandez/The Register Kristie Burns, of Red Rock Wildlife Education Center, talks about Flower the skunk during a furry friends program at the Franklin...
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A Jellyfish Story & Lesson

In the true spirit of Earthschooling Sofi and I spontaneously decided to “hit the road” on Sunday and go to Minneapolis to visit the aquarium. We had the most amazing time! We happened to end up there at a very odd time so when they gave the “behind the scenes”...
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