Close Encounters: Wildlife

Of course I love my 150-600mm Sigma Sports Lens for wildlife photography and of course we all love those shots where the animal or bird seems to jump out from the background at us with that amazing telephoto depth of field. However, one of my true loves is close-up documentary photography. This is how I started out when I was 16. I started with people and worked for many years as a documentary photographer. When I decided to switch to wildlife photography I found out that with patience, creativity, and an open mind one can also find these same “close-encounter” experiences with wildlife. Wildlife doesn’t always need to be about the telephoto lens.

This series explores the relationships I have developed with wildlife in different locations that has allowed me to get up close and personal using focal lengths from 10 to 70mm. All photos are available as prints, canvas prints, framed prints in all sizes. You can also send them as e-cards for free.

For all the photos below I was within six feet of the subject. This was possible for various reasons including: the animal/bird was a young and didn’t know any better, the subject had seen me numerous times and had become accustomed to me, I was in a Kayak or car so the subject did not find me a threat, or the subject exists in a unique environment where it is not frightened of human proximity. None of these photos were taken at zoos or in captive situations.

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