COVID-19 Packages for Schools

We have been contacted by a large number of schools (including ones we are already working with) who have asked us to create new solutions for them during this challenging time.

We are now offering the following extended choices to our standard school package…

Original School Package (as seen on website here)

This allows unlimited access to all grades and teacher support for all teachers & school administrators. This access includes all the Pre-G8 curriculum as well as all the teacher support videos and eurythmy lessons. There is an extremely large collection of support videos you can preview some of here. Some even include entire classes on skills like watercolor painting or Finding Your Voice.

Along with unlimited access for your teachers and staff this package also comes with ten access points for families that may need to continue distance learning. If you need to add additional families beyond two you can use the listing here to pay for additional families. 

Everyone retains access for life.

Access can be passed on to new teachers in upcoming years. However, family access cannot be shared or passed on.

Modified School Package

This allows the same access (as above) for all the teachers and staff as well as ten families so you would start by purchasing the package here

However, it also allows you to add on families for only $100.00 each here when we give them access to only one grade for one year. 

Each family retains access for one year. 

Teachers/school retain access for life. This access can be passed on to new teachers in upcoming years.

School ‘Families Only’ Package

If you do not need teacher access and only want access for your parents for one grade of curriculum at a time you can choose from two options:

Core Curriculum Bundles HERE ($75 – $125.00 each)

Curriculum Packages HERE ($150 – $250.00 each)

Use the coupon code: TOAST15 at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase of more than one bundle or package.

If you need to speak to someone in more detail about this or create a different package for your school please e-mail: with your phone number and a brief message and our Curriculum Director will call you back within 15-45 minutes.

What Happens After You Purchase

Once you make your purchase you can send us a list with the names and e-mails of the parents you want to give access to. We will then send them each an indivdual login to the website.

They are then able to log in with a username and password you choose. Once they are logged in they can view all the videos, mp3s, PDFs, webinars and tutorials that come with their curriculum package. All these items can be viewed/watched/listened to on any mobile device (tablet or phone) or computer. All items can also be downloaded to a USB, hard drive, or mobile device. Curriculum can also be printed. Most of our members print at least the verses and schedule. Beyond that it depends on each member as to how they use the materials. Some like to print everything and others use a tablet exclusively. One reason we rely on an online delivery system is because each curriculum package comes with a large number of videos, mp3s, and webinars in addition to the written curriculum.

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