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Thank you for connecting with Earthschooling today! We did not expect the overwhelming response to our free month of curriculum today so our servers have had a few hiccups today. EVERYONE who ordered today should have received the following UPDATED extras below that we include with every curriculum download.

Thank you for your patience during these hiccups! This has never happened on our website before so we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.

You should also have received:

  1. If you ordered a monthly curriculum it should say “Version( some #)” after the document title (except first grade and all block curriculum). If your monthly lesson planner curriculum download does not end with “Version( some #)” then e-mail us at: for your correct file.
  2. If you ordered a monthly curriculum you should have received a main lesson. If you did not receive one or the download did not work please e-mail:
  3. If you ordered a monthly curriculum for preschool, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade it should have come with a file called “INTRODUCTION TO (grade)” If you did not receive this file please e-mail us at: so we can send it to you.

The extras below are to help you navigate the curriculum and the year. If you did not receive these files, what you received did not open, or you received the old version of one of these files please download your updated and complete extras below…

Basic Waldorf Verses

Basic Waldorf Verses

The Rhythm of the Year

As a teacher you need to know about different kinds of rhythm, how to create it, and how to adapt it to your family, classroom, and child instead of “following a schedule”: There are some articles to help with that process in the documents below.

Waldorf 101: Version 2.2 Waldorf Basics & Reference Book: Version 2.2 My Waldorf Year for the Northern Hemisphere 2019-2020 My Waldorf Year for the Southern Hemisphere 2019-2020

Download this Northern Hemisphere calendar below for a fun 2019-2020 class project…

Or Download this Southern Hemisphere calendar below for a 2019-2020 class project…


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