Earthschooling Photography Exhibit

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Welcome and enjoy the Earthschooling Photography Class exhibit! Click on any photo to instantly enlarge it and see the entire gallery for that photographer.

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Luna Cherry
Luna Cherry has been interested in photography for more than two years – since she was 11 years-old. She uses a Nikon SLR camera. She would like to learn more about filming and will use her knowledge of photography to help with that. Her favorite part of the Earthschooling Photography class was the feedback on her photo assignments. She learned how to “look at a photo subject and ask myself questions to improve my overall photo: How can I make this more interesting? How can I tell a story? Etc. Her favorite assignment was the abstract assignment. She was surprised she enjoyed the portrait assignment so much.

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Meg Sheets
Meg uses a Canon Rebel XT. She enrolled in the Earthschooling photography class to enhance her photographic skills and learn new ones.

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Melissa Dobson
Melissa Dobson home-schools five children. She has been interested in photography for about five years and uses a Canon T5i. Her favorite assignment in the class was the nature assignment and her favorite part of the class was seeing other classmate’s photos and getting evaluations. She learned how to position the camera and use cropping to get the best photo. She plans on traveling around the country and selling prints in the future.

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Theresa Malaika
Theresa Malaika is 14-years-old and lives in the Netherlands. She has always been interested in photography but found she had an increased interest in January of this year. She uses her father’s old Leica Deigilux 3 and an iPhone to take her photos. Her favorite part of the class was getting her photos evaluated. Her favorite assignment was the abstract photography assignment “because it was totally new to me”. She learned about ISO, aperture and more about shutter speed by taking this class. She creates her photos mostly for fun but she still wants to improve and get her photos seen by more people.

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Nedre Shatley
Nedre Shatley uses a Canon Power Shot SX 410IS HD with a 40X optical zoom. She wants to be a successful photographer and learn how to filter, tweak and take better photos. She especially enjoys learning about action photos. Her favorite subjects are action photos,outdoors, plants, and portraits (head shots).

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Liv Franke
Liv Franke has been interested in photography for a few years. She used her iPhone 6+ to shoot all her assignments for the photo class which is amazing! Her work is a great example of how you can get good results even from the most simple of cameras. Liv says she learned a lot about close up photography and framing during the class. Her favorite part of the class was looking at the photos from other students. He favorite assignment was the wildlife photography assignment.

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