FAQs About The Avicenna Institute

Basic information about these courses can be found HERE.

Is there a time limit for the program?
No, each student has as long as they need to complete the program.

How long does it take to finish the program?
Students with past experience (massage therapy students, aromatherapists, doctors, etc…) have finished the program in six months. However, the average time it takes to finish is 18 months.

Is there any additional cost to the program?
Everything is included in the tuition cost listed on the website. Physical books are included as well as the final certificate and transcript. There are no additional fees once you pay the tutition cost.

Can I transfer credits?
Yes, you may transfer credits from related subjects to our school. We will need your transcript or certificate and a description of the class to do this. You can also transfer credits out of our school. Many institutions (see the link above) have accepted our credits. As with classes from any university, what credits they accept are usually on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need a college degree to enroll?
No, our program takes you through the credits you need for a bachelor’s degree and then takes you through the masters and doctorate after that. Some students who already have a bachelor’s degree are able to test out of some of the classes.

What are the classes like? 
Classes are taught with written and audio lectures and assigned readings. There are also mini video classes of subjects that require visual instruction (ie: How to Give an Iridology Reading). One of the most beneficial aspects of the course, however, are the interactions you experience in the lively student forum and the personal comments and feedback you receive on each assignment and exam. There are exams or written assignments at the end of each module. These are all open-book exams/assignments.

What certification do I receive for each course?
Each course has its own certification title. You can see these listed under each individual course on this page here. However, if your county, state, country or region requires that a different title be placed on your certificate please let us know. We can usually accommodate changes to the certificates as long as the meaning is the same.

Why is the cost for the series so low?
There are many factors that contribute to the lower cost of online education. Because these courses are online and student motivated (meaning instructors are not physically present for a specific class time because students read documents and watch videos of their lectures when it is convenient for them) this cuts down on many traditional university costs such as rent, salaries, building fees, city taxes, electricity costs, heating costs and much more. We still have teachers on staff that correct each exam and assignment personally. However, the cost for these services is much less than it would be in a traditional setting.

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