FAQS: The BEarth Academy & Earthschooling High School

Question: Are BEarth Academy Classes Live?

Answer: The BEarth Academy is comprised of the Jamie York Academy, Conceptual Academy, and Waldorfish Math Classes. They are all pre-recorded. After 25 years of experience with online classes we have found that pre-recorded classes give the most consistent results to our members around the world (who are in different time zones and may have varying Internet access quality).

Question: I am not able to access the BEarth Academy Classes. Can you help?

Answer: Once you log into www.Earthschooling.com and navigate to your BEarth Academy page the password and link are included on that page. Please let us know if the currently posted password and link are not working. If this is not the issue you are experiencing please send us more information so we can help. We will need the URL of the page you are trying to access, your username, and your password.

Question: We need a second portal access (for another student in our family or a parent). How can we get that created?

Answer: You can use the same account as before or you can go to www.EarthschoolingHighSchool.com and register a new student (with a new e-mail) for a ‘free sample of Earthschooling High School’. Then, e-mail us back with her name and we can manually go into the portal and activate the new account for you and make sure it has access to all the curriculum you need.

Question: I am having trouble with the student portal. When I arrive at that page it asks me to purchase the curriculum. Am I missing a step?

Answer: Please send more detailed information about which website you are trying to access, how you are trying to log in, the login username and password you are using and what error messages you are receiving. We are unable to offer tech support without more detailed information.

Once you click on the portal you should sign in with your portal password (not your Earthschooling password) and then you should be able to see all your classes. On the Earthschooling High School pages it instructs students and parents to use their portal password to access these classes. In the upper right hand corner of the portal page there is a sign up button. To the left of that button there is a login link. Click on that link to login. You will be taken to a login page. If you forgot your password for the portal there is a link right under the login form that says, “Forgot Password?”

The Earthschooling.com website and www.EarthschoolingHighSchool.com website are two different websites. If you are signing in directly you may have missed this note. The most common issue we find with portal access is that members are trying to use their Earthschooling.com password to access EarthschoolingHighSchool.com.

Question: My students are currently busy with their Greek and Civics lesson – do we submit each day/days or do they wait until they have completed the main lesson before they sends it to be “assessed” so that she can transfer into her main lesson book?

Answer: Earthschooling does not do any assessment of student work. Student work is considered completed when they have completed their reading and assignments for that block and have understood them enough to complete their assignments. If they are not able to complete their assignments then they can continue to study the block until they are able to complete them. Thus the only assessment that needs to be done (from the parent/teacher side) is to make sure the Main Lesson Book is being filled with assignments. Additional assessment can be done by checking spelling and grammar on any writing. 

Students can, as an option, submit their Main Lesson Book to the high school forum on Facebook for evaluation. If submitted there the work will be commented on by Earthschooling teachers.

Question: On the high school schedule it says that each student should choose two blocks to work on at once. Does this mean they need to complete everything in each block before they move on to the next one?

Answer: No. Students are asked to choose two blocks to work on at once. However, some blocks are much longer than others and can be split into 2 or even 3 parts. Students can stop blocks at any point that seems natural to them (even if ‘natural’ means they are just tired of it and need a break). They can then start up the block again later.


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