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We are pleased to be collaborating with The BEarth Institute community. As a start, we are providing the videos and textbook readings of the Acids and Bases unit at the Earthschooling high school portal. We hope you find these resources helpful. 

Please know this is but a small sample of the learning resources available at Conceptual Academy where full year science courses of many different flavors are offered. These courses draw from our library of 600+ video lessons all collated to the chapter sections of each of our “conceptual” textbooks used world wide in both colleges and high schools. But while the textbook is where you can read. Conceptual Academy is like a “video textbook” where you can watch and listen. These two formats complement each other exceedingly well. 

If you are looking for further resources, within each Conceptual Academy course you’ll find study advice, interactive simulations, worksheets, suggested projects, automated quizzes, an “encouragement-based” homework system, collaborative unit exams, and a grade book to track student progress. We also offer a full suite of labs designed to use materials and equipment you’ll find at home or a local discount store. To learn more, please visit our support site, which is LearnScience.Academy. 

Thank you for your interest and thanks to the BEarth Institute for their creative and supportive approach to helping students develop into strong, compassionate, curious, and well-rounded individuals. As Waldorf parents ourselves for the past 12 years, it is an honor to be working with you.

 For any questions, please write to us at

Good chemistry!  
John Suchocki, Ph.D.
Author, Conceptual Chemistry, et. al.
Founder/CEO, Conceptual Academy


If you would like to know more about Conceptual Academy you can also check out the free videos below. They have included one especially for Earthschooling newsletter members!

Special Sample Classes for Earthschoolers

• Go to the “Sign Up” page at

• Enter the course ID with your registration information. Your ID will be: BEarthSample

More Sample Classes

Introduction to Students

Homework Practice Sessions

Course Descriptions

• Go to:

• The course descriptions are seen as links on the home page of LearnScience.Academy right within the right side bar labelled: Our Courses

• OR the cartoon icons at the top of the main body are also direct links to the different course descriptions. 

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