General High School FAQs

This page contains all of the questions asked by our current high school students since December 2017 when we started this page.

Question from Student: Do I do a main lesson book drawing for every subject or only when it specifically states to do so. ( I’m really bad at drawing and hate drawing that’s why I’m asking this) – MG

Answer from Teacher: Drawing is always an option but not required except when it states it is required (like a map or a diagram). If you do not draw for the Main Lesson Book you can write a paragraph, give a speech on video, create a sculpture, create a chart, or create anything that you feel comfortable with that represents your understanding of the material. You can also “use” the information and record your experiences using it. Like, for example, with the wildlife tracking assignments you can take photos and put those in your Main Lesson Book.

Question from Student: Hello, I’m doing the grade 9 but there’s a question that I don’t understand on the geography Geology lecture 1, assignment days 4 and 5. It says to make geological clock of my own life, what I don’t understand is if it means the things that have happened in my life or the area I live in. – S. McLeod

Follow-up Question from Student: Can I just clarify, so the geological clock for his life is about his personal experiences? Or is it supposed to be a geological clock of the landscape of the area he lives in? 

Answer from Teacher: Yes, the geographical clock is intended to be of your own life so it has more detail and is more personal to you. However, if you have an interest in an area you have lived in you can do that instead. Choose the one you are most passionate about. The clock about the student should be of their personal experiences.

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