Journey to Numeria: Math Lessons in First and Second Grade: Prologue

Journey to Numeria: Math Lessons in First and Second Grade: Prologue

This second teacher/parent manual in the Spiritual Syllabus Series outlines 12 Mathematics unit lessons in Class 1 and 2  (7 and 8-year-olds). The math stream is essentially taught in the morning main lessons, for the first two hours of the day. There are three, 3-week math main lessons per year, or about 90 hours teaching.

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But there is also a corollary stream, the Numeracy, which is presented as 3 middle-lesson units per year. These occupy the 1 ½ hour lesson between break and lunch, and are again sequential, of 3-week duration. The time scheduled is around 60 hours teaching over the year.

So mathematics/numeracy has a 150- hour allotment every year, right through primary school. Included in this are the form/dynamic drawing units, which also contain elements of writing and other fundamental coordinative skills for young children.

The miracle of math calls on the astral forces of the learner – it calls on Imagination, or Imaginative Cognition. This is the most important faculty to be developed in the coming age – the New Age of Abraham. An intelligent and image-filled mathematics education is essential for this sublime and imperative step on the long road of the evolution of consciousness – this small manual is directed to these high ends.

The following in a suggested curriculum structure, emphasizing the aspects of the human being awakened by the various Number Paths – aspects detailed in the 12 articles in this book. See my book La Pleoma, for full primary Curriculum. See my book, A Steiner High School, For High School Curriculum.

Programming details in A Steiner Homeschool? Steiner Education in Australia. P. 5

<NOTE> The page numbers may vary in this updated version of Alan’s book. However, the order will stay the same.>

Full 12 (13) subject Class ½ curriculum in Genil of Language.


  1. I’m so excited to begin reading Journey to Numeria! Such beautiful timing as we begin Class 2…

    Renee Seamons
  2. How do we access the book itself?

    jacqueline soohen
  3. All the full books (when they are ready) can be found on this page here:


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