Living History Farms Photo Class September 2018

Thank you for attending one of my classes at Living History Farms on September 15th, 2018. I am sharing the power point and PDF for both classes below. Note that I have converted the PowerPoint to a PDF as well because it is a more universal format for sharing than PowerPoint or Keynote (which is where I originally created it).

How to View These Files

Simply click on the links below whenever you need a file.

To view the file online – ‘left-click’ on a link. You can view these files online from any smart phone, tablet or computer.

(Once opened, you can save the file to your computer by right clicking and choosing to Save File as… or similar).

To download files to your computer – ‘Right click’ the files and choose ‘Save file as…’ or similar.

Mac Users: For file download on a MAC, you can hold the control key and click the mouse and you get the right click menu.

Photography Class Materials

How to Choose a Beginner Camera or Camera Upgrade 365 Days of Nature Photos CLASS 365 Days of Nature Photos HANDOUT Intimate Wildlife Photography CLASS Intimate Wildlife Photography HANDOUT



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