Dr. Chris Deason, Ed.D.

Dr. Deason is certified in the state of Texas to teach History and Information Processing Technologies grades 6 – 12. He taught U.S. and World History for 11 years at two separate high schools in Texas. During that time he completed a Masters’ Degree in Instructional Technology in 2001 at Texas Tech University, and completed his Doctorate in Instructional Technology at Texas Tech University in 2008.

Dr. Deason was born in Amarillo, Texas and spent a majority of his life in Lubbock, Texas where his family still resides. He graduated high school in 1989, and received his baccalaureate degree in History with a minor in Sociology from San Angelo State University in 1996. Since 2008 Dr. Deason has taught Instructional Design and Technology in the Education department at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. His research interests include culturally relevant pedagogy, uses of Virtual Worlds for Historical role-play, and the impact of Web2.0 technologies on pedagogy. Dr. Deason uses rap and hip-hop culture (i.e., rap, graffiti, breakdancing, and deejaying) with learners in combination with digital audio workstation (DAW) technology to offer learners creative tools to express learning. Please view the following videos to learn as examples:

http://youtu.be/94dXyn_UPnw   and  http://youtu.be/iXjRlSUj1yY

Dr. Deason is a member of the Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE), the Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA), and is an advisory board member of Steve Hargadon’s Global Education Conference. Dr. Deason actively publishes in peer-reviewed journals concerning education and technology. In addition to research, he has been awarded several grants for educational programs. He enjoys all genres of music, fishing,  camping and traveling with his wife and three beautiful girls, skateboarding, bicycling, writing poetry, and composing geo-political hip-hop and doom metal music.  He is currently working on his first album with his band Corporation Nation.

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