Janet Sterkowicz Walker

Janet Sterkowicz Walker is currently an audio and video creator and teacher, using the Earthschooling curriculum to provide interesting ways to envision Waldorf based home education. Some of the videos may be appropriate for family viewing. Some are for ideas, motivation, technique, and sharing experience. Janet homeeducated her two girls based on seeing a photo from an early online home education woman and her kids. She was pushing a stroller, with a backpack carrying her other child, and rollerblading. This inspired her as it was apparent that her first child needed to be closer to nature to stay out of the early intellectualism of education. So she as quickly as possible made a move from Brooklyn, NY to have a Living education for her family. This was the introduction to Waldorf Education for her and her family.

Janet has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fashion Design, from the University of Cincinnati, with honors. As well as having pursued the international study of French language and culture prior to engaging herself in the professional world of fashion design in New York City. She has spent a good portion of her life also studying about holistic wellness. Her developing website is www.uniquerawfoods.com.

She brings to this platform a lot of life experience in many faces of home education, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner from some very experienced teachers. She was blessed with an experience of home education dedicated to listening to the children, dedicated to self awareness and improvement, and dedicated to making it the best life possible in touch with nature.

A few interesting facts of life from Janet. She won the president’s physical fitness award in elementary school, fell out of a tree, wiped out on her bike, broke her right hand in middle school, parachuted out of a plane, had a fall from what seems almost nowhere over a horse, landing on the side of a mountain in Colorado. She is on an extended living situation in Ecuador since the end of 2019 well into 2020. A recent employment that she had and loved was teaching English as a second language online, face to face, with vipkid,, a company out of China.

She brings creativity, guidance, information, and spontaneity to her work and considers it an honor to be amongst the experience and talent of the teachers at the BEarth Institute.

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