Kerry Burke

Kerry Burke is the author of our High School block, Emerson & The Transcendentalists

She is a former adjunct English professor at Reinhardt University in Waleska, Georgia, where she taught composition, literature and research writing. Kerry has certification in middle grades Language Arts and has taught grades 6-12. She is a mother to two children and a “bonus” mom to her husband’s two children. In addition to raising four kids, she is also a hobby farmer and breeds American Guinea hogs, pygmy and angora goats, chickens, and emu all while founding her non-profit, attending Biodynamic farm school, and freelancing. Kerry is passionate about education and writing. She loves the outdoors and working with animals. Her non-profit, Karuna Farmstead, is a continuing education and community center for adult individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities providing prevocational training and classes emphasizing agriculture and the arts.  It is both her joy and passion to help others find their purpose, and that is the heart and soul of her organization.

Her website is

She says: We don’t have a donations link set up on the site yet but we are doing a GoFundMe campaign right now:

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